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Rely on professional window tinting service in Texarkana, AR

You need a car that looks great and feels comfortable. The same goes for your home or office. At Bone Tint & Auto Sales, you can get any window tinting service you need, all from one company in Texarkana, AR.

We're backed by years of window tinting experience. We'll come to your home or office to cover your windows with the best tint in town. Or, you can drive to our shop to get your car windows tinted.

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What can we tint for you?

You can rely on Bone Tint & Auto Sales for all of the window tinting services you need. Our team offers tinting services for every need, including:


Car and truck automotive window tint


Full-scale home window tinting


Complete workspace commercial window tinting

Connect with Bone Tint & Auto Sales today to experience Texarkana, AR's best window tint service. You'll love the customer service, the price and the results.

Enjoy your window tinting experience

Who says you can't relax and enjoy yourself while you're getting your windows done?

While the pros take care of your ride, hang out in our waiting room, complete with sofas, TV and free Wi-Fi access. Feel at home while you wait for the best window tint service in Texarkana, Arkansas.

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