Control Your Home's Energy Bills

Cool off with home window tinting in Texarkana, AR

You love warm days in Texarkana, AR, but they can wreak havoc on your energy bills. That's why you need home window tinting. Adding tint for windows to your home is a great way to control the heat that comes into your house, driving down your AC costs.

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Discover the best reasons to get residential tinting

Discover the best reasons to get residential tinting

Home window tinting provides many benefits for Texarkana, AR homes. Just a few perks include:

  • Keeping your home cooler on sunny days
  • Protecting your belongings from sun damage
  • Adding extra value to your property at an affordable price

Bone Tint & Auto Sales can apply tint for windows anywhere in your home. Whether you want to cool a single room or cool the entire house, trust Bone Tint & Auto Sales to take care of your heat control needs. Choose which windows to tint and how much to tint them, and then leave the rest to the experts.

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